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The Plan – Life sucks

It takes exactly six minutes and one second to be astonished. The Plan ist about a fly doing nothing much except what lies in its nature – flying around and getting attracted by light. That´s pretty much it. It only takes a bit over six minutes to tell the entire story. A rip-off, one could think, were the...

Moirai – Who is guilty?

Usually, our actions in games don´t really matter. That is, of course they do but only in the very narrow scope of the game logic itself. The game asks us to decide whether to do A or B and we do as told and end up with some consequence. But this consequence also stays within...

PLUG & PLAY – Buttplug Or Gamesart?

It is nonsensical. It is way too short for a game. It does not have any serious game play. And it is just plain weird. Yet, it somehow makes a lot of sense. In Plug & Play, we control little plug people. Abstract bodies with a plug instead of a head. Well, some have a plug instead...

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