The Plan – Life sucks

It takes exactly six minutes and one second to be astonished.

The Plan ist about a fly doing nothing much except what lies in its nature – flying around and getting attracted by light.

That´s pretty much it.

It only takes a bit over six minutes to tell the entire story.

A rip-off, one could think, were the game not avaiable for free.

Still, a waste of time although the game is hardly any longer than it takes to make a coffee or send an indignant mail to customer support at Krillbite Studio?

No, not at all.

In the simple elevation of a pixeled fly towards the light, The Plan finds a simple yet striking metaphor  for the circle of life, the strive and struggle of things and the ultimate catastrophe – death.

Fighting against sudden blasts of wind, the fly ascends higher and higher, leaving the green humming treetops behind and flying ever higher towards the light until it reaches transcendence.

We take a glimpse into eternity, flying among the stars and still escalating further.

Determined, blissful, the fly approaches the light at last, it being so bright that the fly´s shadow seems so dark and complete, that it might reach all the way down to the earthly ground which we have left so far behind us.

Like old Goethe on his deathbed, our little fly yearns for ever more light!

When at last we see it.

And the catastrophe runs its course.

It takes exactly six minutes and one second to be astonished.

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